My Story

My hometown of Kezmarok, Slovakia, is located near mountains much like those in Banff, Canada, so naturally I began skiing at the age of seven. That’s when my deep passion for sports began. It’s also when I began dreaming of becoming a physical education teacher. It’s no wonder I ended up becoming a personal trainer, nutritionist and athlete.

I settled in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, twelve years ago. I love this city and call it my home.

Calgary provides everything that I love about life. It’s a beautiful, multicultural city with incredibly friendly people, gorgeous mountains nearby and a passion for sports and fitness.

Growing up in Slovakia, I always dreamed of traveling, having heard grand stories of my great-grandfather emigrating to Ontario, Canada.

Somehow I always knew I’d end up in the multi-cultural land of Canada, and my love to continually learn about other cultures made this my ultimate destination.

My mother initially forced me into a traditional Slovakian Folk Dance group when I was 14. This instantly turned into a personal passion and love. it was almost impossible to get me away from dance practice. My group travelled throughout Europe, winning almost every competition we entered.

My love and craving for other cultures was first sated during that time as we went through England, Germany, Italy, Poland and Austria. One memories that drives me to this day is when I was chosen out of 100 girls to dance and later to become a dance trainer and teacher. The judging and criteria used for this process was extremely tough, and I know that all this created a determination within me that anything was possible if I put my mind to it and really desire it!

Learning English In England

This time period nurtured my passion for travel, and at 18 I decided to leave home and move to England to learn English and save money to go to Canada. I immediately plunged into the food culture, enjoying the variety and ample access to fast food. This led to me to become overweight and sick, and forced me to return home within a year.

I returned into the world of travel two years later, refreshed from being at home. My next destination was Israel, where I stayed for one and a half years, falling in love with the people and land. To this day, the favorite place I’ve ever visited.

I returned home for a year and became a ski instructor, but my passion for travel and the final destination of Canada were growing stronger in my heart.

England again became my next destination. Health wise, I still held many habits that were tearing my body down. I regularly drank 6-10 cups of coffee a day, ate fast food and didn’t take care of my mind and body.

My New Home:

Calgary, Canada

The course of my life changed forever when I met Hana, who introduced me to healthy thinking and living. She got me started with drinking healthy water, eating well, thinking positively and using Herbalife. That was the start of who I am today. My life changed forever when I meet Hana, one my best friends to this day, in English class.

I returned home to get my papers ready for obtaining residency in Canada and to apply to become a nanny.

WOW. I made it to CANADA!!!

On September 25, 2004, I arrived, achieving a lifelong dream!!

I didn’t know anyone in Calgary, where had I decided to settle and take my first job as the a nanny of three children. It was an exciting time, learning about Canadian life.

My passion for exercising and sports instantly lead me to a gym, and I began my life of fitness here in Canada within one month of arriving. I was recognized for my physique and leanness and encouraged to compete. I followed this impulse and haven’t looked back!

In fitness, I am deeply grateful for the organizations that provided me the opportunity to achieve pro status in the Fitness Model and Figure categories since 2006. I have had an incredible time competing nine times within the past four years. What really matters to me are the amazing friendships I have gained, who I have become throughout the years, what I have learned, and the places I have travelled.

My career as a personal trainer and fitness coach began in 2008, and, as a famous saying goes, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” How true!

Every day is a gift.

Every client, course, friend and colleague has taught me the precious lessons that have brought me to this point in my life.

Every thought will lead you to the greatest magic of your life!

I fell in love with Louise L. Hay’s teachings in 2003, and since then I have realized that every moment is created by the thoughts and beliefs you hold.

Louise L. Hay has been a profound teacher to me over the years. I have listened to all of her audio books, read her affirmations book many times and lived her principles.

There have been a lot of struggles over the years. In my first years in Canada, I had very little, but I was always fueled by my constant focus on directing my thoughts and emotions.

Each day, I would repeat the one word in Slovak that has become my deepest driving force, and I want to share it with you here.

This word is the primary force in the universe and has brought me the tremendous gift of friendship, success and happiness.

This word is “Zazrak!”

It means "Miracle" !

I would say when I woke up every morning, “Today I will experience Zazrak!”

As often as I remembered throughout every day I would say, “Zazrak. Zazrak”.

I believe that you, too, can live this word by creating every day, every moment by expecting pure miracles and magic! You deserve the best!

When we meet, I will help you discover the best in your health and life!

Training goes far beyond the physical — ask any of my clients — it’s all about who you are outside the gym when no one is looking. I will show you how to succeed in your nutrition, thoughts, beliefs and awareness. THESE will be your TRUE support for a healthy and happy life.

Let’s take it one small, simple step at a time.

I really can’t wait to meet you!

With love,


My Certifications

I have a passion for learning!  My certifications and ongoing education are never ending.  As the saying goes... "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  This is true on so many levels.  I have learned so much from masters in this industry, and from all of my clients.  In our journey together, we're going to learn so much! 

  1. Certified AromaTouch Therapist
  2. Usui Reiki Master
  3. Reiki Tummo Level 1 & 2
  4. The BodyMind Nutrition Certification; click here to find out more.
  5. The BodyMind Sport Nutrition Certification; click here to find out more.
  6. David Wolfe Nutrition Certification; click here to learn more about David Wolfe.
  7. Can Fit Pro. Personal Training Specialist (PTS), taken with amazing teacher Andrea Thatcher
  8. Post Rehab Essentials
  9. Pre & Post Natal Specialist (PFS)
  10. Exercise and Pregnancy
  11. ViPR Certified
  12. First Aid – CPR
  13. AFLCA Expert Rating Fitness Course
  14. Psych-K
  15. Conscious Pregnancy & Parenting
  16. Montessori – Age 3-6 Diploma