Esenciálne oleje a doplnky

O čom sme rozprávali?

1. Wellness Pyramída 

2. Toxická záťaž

3. Produkty:

- Citrusové oleje

- OnGuard

- Slim&Sassy

- Life Long Vitality Pack (LLV)

- Terrazyme

- Zendocrine Complex

- Zendocrine Zmes

- PB Assist

Denné tipy, cviky, recepty & viac!

Pridajte sa do našej skupinky skvelých ľudí...

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Eva Gustafsson

Eva Gustafsson has been in the personal training industry for over 10 years. Her passion for personal growth and activating the best life ever has lead to learning from industry leaders in health, personal growth and wellness strategies. With each blog, video and social media post, Eva brings you the latest, cutting edge information that she discovers, so that you can experience a truly elevated, activated life!

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