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Emotional freedom is an incredible experience!  To achieve this I have found that we need to support all aspects of your life.  The first level activation begins with your physical vitality, and is strengthened through a deeper understanding of creating mental, emotional and spiritual awareness.

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My life passion has taken me down many paths.  Each has added to the whole picture of creating a complete life activation experience.  My free membership is designed to provide you with support in all areas of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.   From my free events, monthly newsletter, and our private social media posts and discussions, there will always be something that you can discover and experience your essence of vitality activated.

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My name is Gloria and for 20 years I have been working on getting health. When I met Eva I realized that I was in good hands. She understood where I was coming from, with respect to getting healthy, because she had been there herself.

With Eva on my side I am able to manage my diabetes with diet and exercise. When I think I can't go on she is there to support and motivate me. Eva has never given up on me even when I have wanted to give up.

Eva thank you. You're the best.

~ Gloria Marchese

"My name is Bobbie. I have been training with Eva for over a year now.I have been in the fitness industry for about a year and half as a personal trainer. I believe all personal trainers need a coach to learn from.My inspiration is a healthy, fit, and strong women… Eva Sefcova.

I hired Eva to train me to compete in my first shows. The results were amazing!

In the INBF organization I placed 1st in the Best Body Short Class, following at the IDFA, where I placed 5th in the Open Fitness Model Class. 8 months later I competed in ABBA and placed 2nd in the Bikini Medium Class and 4th show was WBFF where I placed 5th in Diva Bikini Short Class.

This has been such a great experience. I love the motivation, the drive, the extra mile you take your body to that show date. Training with Eva has been so great!!


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For lasting change everything needs to be kept simple, consistent, and in alignment with your whole life experience.   We're going to explore how your beliefs and awareness have impacted your results, and proven strategies to create the guaranteed results you have always wanted.

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